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Every other academic year the school works towards IDTA examinations. Each class (ballet, tap etc.) will do a least one exam. Pupils work towards medal and grade examinations. Pupils of all ages can be entered for exams but they are not compulsory. There are normally a couple of exam sessions during the year depending on the availability of an examiner and the progress of the pupils.

Successful pupils are awarded a certificate, report sheet and a medal/award where appropriate.



The IDTA is a leading dance qualifications body and membership association for professional dance teachers, with over 7000 members in over 55 countries.

The IDTA offers the widest variety of dance forms, examines performance for both professionals and non-professionals of all ages, develops the skills and professional practice of members and promotes a love of dance across a dynamic, global community.

For more information about the IDTA, check out the website:



The real joy of dancing is in performance - to get on stage and to perform is what it is all about. Teamwork skills are developed and as a result many new friendships are forged.

The school will continue to work towards a show every other academic year. Each class (ballet, tap etc) will do at least one number.

Parents can get involved with the show during its organisation and help out backstage and front of house.

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