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At our school pupils have the opportunity to study tap, ballet and freestyle/theatrecraft.


Tap is a rhythmical and dynamic dance style. Traditional tap shows such as 42nd Street and Crazy For You through to the more recent Stomp and Tap Dogs all highlight the great diversity of style and music used in tap dancing.


Ballet is a classical style of dance which dates back to the 17th century. The conventional steps, grace and fluidity of movement still form the foundation of ballet today.




Freestyle is a modern, expressive and varied dance style which has become extremely popular in the UK today. It involves runs, spins, kicks and leaps, as well as many other diverse steps and movements with lots of arm and hand actions.

The music can be fast and rhythmic or slow, sensuous and lyrical allowing dancers of all ages to use freedom of expression to enhance their style.



Theatre craft teaches general movement to music and stage performance. Essential elements – kicks, turns, and rhythmic awareness – are all explored, whilst props and accessories may be used to assist the styles.

Our sessions are divided into three half hour slots to cover these core styles.

Most pupils do all three styles but pupils are welcome to choose a single style, two styles or all three styles. Our very young dancers often start with one subject and stay for 30 mins only.


CLASS TIMES (subject to change)


8.30-10am - Senior classes

10.00-11.30am - Preparatory/Primary (Pink/Green) classes

11.30am-12pm - Preparatory Ballet/new starters (Pink B class)

12 noon-1.30pm -  Grade 1/2 (Blue) classes

1.30-2pm - senior class

Please contact us to find the best time for your child.


Current prices (spring term 2024)

3 classes/90 mins : £15

2 classes/60 mins : £12

1 class/30 mins : £8


Your first week is free to allow you to come along and try out all the different lessons. For the first few weeks at the school you can pay for lessons weekly. After this time we request payment for lessons by the term or half term. Fees must be paid by the date stated (which is normally two lessons into the term).  Once paid all lesson fees are non refundable.

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